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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

All custom-designs provided to you are for personal, non-commercial use only. You are welcome to take your final files to local print shops or print them at home for your own use. However, reproducing them in any other format is not allowed. You cannot sell them or profit by their use. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms.


All designs, photographs, and images on this website and our products are copyrighted by Allison LeAnn Design.

Sometimes I have to say "No" to a request because....

I have the right to deny any project/design request for any reason that could include (but not limited to):

  • I'm simply too busy! (Unless you are magic and can freeze time!)
  • Your timeline or budget is unrealistic (Unless your budget is unrealistic because it contains oodles and oodles of EXTRA real money... that you plan to share with me!!)
  • You want me to copy someone else's work or use an copyrighted image without permission. Legally I can't do that and morally I won't do that!
  • My style morals don't align or support the project/design request
  • For any other valid reason that I have yet to think of..... etc. etc. etc.