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THE INDEPENDENT – Insight Section – 30 Professionals Under Age 30

Article Written By: Shannon Miller

Photo by The Daily Independent

Photo by The Daily Independent

While some choose to take on one job to make a living, others choose to take on several, not just to bring home the bacon, but simply for the love of the job, which is the case for Allison Goble.

Goble, a 24-year-old living in Greenup and originally from Pike County, said she enjoys her work as both a student recruiter for Ashland Community and Technical College and as a graphic designer.

When she graduated from Morehead State University two years ago as a public relations and advertising major, with a minor in graphic design, the job at ACTC is the only one she applied for, and she was glad to get the position, she said.

“I enjoy working here. Every day’s different. … The college has a lot to offer employees and students,” she said.

As a recruiter, she visits local high schools and businesses to let possible students know what the college has to offer and answer questions they might have.

She said the role she plays as a recruiter can have a large impact on incoming students, and communication between a recruiter and those interested in attending college is important.

“For a lot of students, a recruiter is the way they get their first introduction to a school. A lot of high school students get in contact with a recruiter to get additional information,” Goble said.

Part of her job at ACTC is outlets. And through the college’s sponsorship of Ashland’s annual Summer Motion festival, she is in charge of designing all printed promotional items for the festival. That includes fliers and promotions for the festival page.

The creative aspect of her job is something Goble enjoys.

“With design, you can be as creative as possible. You can make anyone’s vision become a reality,” she said. “It’s the yearbook staff in high school. Helping design the yearbook sparked her interest in layout and font and other aspects of design, she said.

In addition to her job at ACTC, Goble takes on freelance you can decide how much to charge,” she said.

Her freelance work often involves wedding-oriented material, such as programs and invitations. Designing invitations is fun, she said, because she can design them to match the wedding decor and make them custom to suit the bride and groom.

Other examples of her work include designing a new logo for a company and electronic book covers.

She maintains a Facebook page, Allison Leann Design, to promote her freelance work, but word of mouth is her primary means of advertisement, she said. She often works with friends of friends and former classmates who hear from others about her design work.

Goble also hopes to expand her freelance work, she said, by selling her work on Etsy, a social commerce website that includes a wide range of items.

“I want to do more custom design for a variety of other people,” she said.